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Influenza Encyclopedia

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Administrative Board (Richmond, Virginia)
Alameda County (California) Relief Committee
Allegheny County Medical Society
American Health Association
American Library Association
American Medical Association
American Public Health Association
American Red Cross
Amusement Council (Denver, Colorado)
Anti-Influenza Society (Cleveland, Ohio)
Anti-Mask League (San Francisco, California)
Associated Charities
Atlanta Theater Managers’ Association
Automobile Club of Rochester
Bexar County Medical Society
Board of Aldermen (Providence, Rhode Island)
Board of Control
Board of Education
Board of Health
Board of Lady Managers (Rochester General Hospital)
Board of Supervisors
Boston Elevated Railway
Boston Emergency Health Committee
Boston Public Safety Committee
Boston School Committee
Boy Scouts of America
Brill’s Car Manufacturing Company
Bureau of Health
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Businessman's Committee (Los Angeles, California)
Cambridge Public Safety Commission
Carmen's Union
Catholic Women’s Club
Census Bureau
Chamber of Commerce
Charleston Consolidated Railway and Lighting Company
Chicago and Northwestern Railroad
Chicago Association of Commerce
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Cincinnati Street Cleaning Department
Cincinnati Traction Company
Citizens' League of Los Angeles
City and County Medical Society (Portland, Oregon)
City Commission
City Council
City Federation of Women’s Clubs
City Health Department
Clearing House Committee (Atlanta, Georgia)
Cleveland Railway Company
Columbus Railway, Power, and Light Company
Common Council (Rochester, New York)
Conference of Catholic Charities
Consolidated Health Board (Portland, Oregon)
Council of National Defense
Council of Philanthropy (Newark, New Jersey)
Cramps’ Shipyard
Dallas Pastors’ Association
Dallas Street Railway Company
Denver Tramway Company
Department of Health
Department of Public Health
Department of Public Health and Charities
Department of Public Safety
Department of Public Welfare
Diocese of Cleveland
District Commissioners
Douglas County Medical Society
Draft Board
Eastman Camera Company
Electric Company (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Elks National Foundation
Emergency Advisory Committee (New York, New York)
Emergency Hospital Service
Emergency Medical Relief Committee (Newark, New Jersey)
Emergency Nurses’ Council
Federal Board of Health
Federal Fuel Administration
Federated Jewish Charities of Boston
film industry
Four-Minute Men
Fuel Administration
Fulton County Medical Society
Georgia Railway and Power Company
Girl Scouts of the United States of America
Graduate Nurses Association
Grand Rapids (Michigan) Railway Company
Guild for Public Health Nursing
Guild of St. Agnes
Haha No Kai Association
Hahnemann Medical Association of Iowa
Health and Hospitals Committee (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Hebrew Benevolent Society
Hennepin County Medical Society
Henry Street Settlement
Holy Cross College
Hospital and Health Board (Kansas City, Missouri)
Illinois Influenza Advisory Commission
Indiana State Nurses’ Association
Indianapolis Traction and Terminal Company
Influenza Control Committee (Buffalo, New York)
Instructive District Nursing Association
Instructive District Nursing Association
Instructive Visiting Nurse Association
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Iowa State Medical Society
Jefferson County (Alabama) Medical Society
Jewish Welfare Board
Kent County (Michigan) Medical Society
Kentucky Medical Association
King County Medical Society
Knights of Columbus
Larkin Company (Buffalo, New York)
League of Catholic Women
Los Angeles Theater Owners' Association
Louisville Railway Company
Lowell Druggists’ Association
Lowell Federation of Churches
Lowell Guild of Nurses
Lowell Liquor Dealers’ Association
Marquette University and Academy
Massachusetts Public Safety Committee
Mayo Foundation
Medical Advisory Committee (Los Angeles, California)
Medical Association of the Southwest
Medical Society
Metropolitan (Streetcar) Company
Milwaukee Federation of Churches
Milwaukee Theater Managers' Association
Minneapolis Street Railway Company
Minnesota Commission of Public Safety
Motor Corps
Multnomah Guard
Nashville City Commission
National Association of the Motion Picture Industry
National Food Administration
National Hospital Association (Portland, Oregon)
National League of Woman's Services
National Red Cross Committee on Influenza
New Orleans Railway and Light Company
New York Academy of Medicine
New York State Influenza Commission
New York State Railways
Newark Ministers’ Association
Nurses’ Guild
Oakland Women’s Committee
Ohio State Medical Association
Philadelphia Electric Company
Philadelphia Housing Association
Pittsburgh Council of Churches
Portland (Oregon) City Health Bureau
Portland (Oregon) Railway, Light & Power Company
Portland Dental Society
Providence District Nursing Association
Public Health Board
Public Health Committee
Public Service Commission
Public Service Company (Streetcar)
Ramsey County Medical Society (St. Paul, Minnesota)
Real Estate Brokers’ Association (District of Columbia)
Red Cross Emergency Aid Committee
Retail Liquor Dealers’ Association
Rhode Island Central Directory for Nurses
Rhode Island Company (Streetcar)
Rochester Men’s Emergency Corps
Rochester Tuberculosis Committee
Salt Lake County Medical Society
Salt Lake Public Safety Committee
Salvation Army
School Board
Sisters of Charity
Sisters of Mercy
Sisters of Providence
Social Service Bureau
Social Service League
Society for Organizing Charity (Providence, Rhode Island)
Southern Department
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
Spokane Children's Home
Spokane County Medicine Society (Spokane, Washington)
Spokane Traction Company
St. Louis Medical Society
St. Paul Association
St. Paul Citizens’ Committee
St. Paul Street Railway Company
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Standard Bolt Company
Standard Oil
State Board of Health
State Council of Defense
State Department of Health
State Department of Public Health
Student Army Training Corps
Student Navy Training Corps
Theatrical Managers’ Association of Pittsburgh
Toledo District Nurses
Toledo Rail-Light
Toledo Retail Merchants
Tuberculosis Society
United Charities of Dallas
United Railway Company
United Railways & Electric Company
United States Air Force
United States Army
United States Congress
United States House of Representatives
United States Navy
United States Postal Service
United States Public Health Service
United States Supreme Court
Utah Light and Traction Company
Utah Public Health Association
Visiting Nurse Association
Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps
Volunteers of America
War Camp Community Service
War Department
War Mothers
Washington Water Power Company
Western Union
Wisconsin Anti-tuberculosis Association
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Woman’s Committee of Civic Welfare (Providence, Rhode Island)
Women’s Emergency Committee (New York, New York)
Worcester Consolidated Street Railway Company
Worcester Society for District Nursing

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