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Mace, Harry
Magruder, G. M., Colonel
Mahoney, John J.
Maloney, Thomas E., MD
Mann, John H.
Manning, Ernest T., M.D.
Manning, Richard Irvine
Marden, Robert F.
Marks, Philip E., MD
Martin, Franklin, MD
Martin, Thomas S.
Marx, Oscar
Mashbir, Sidney F., Captain
Mather, Harry, Mrs.
Mayelle, E. L., MD
McBride, G. L., MD
McBride, J. S., MD
McCabe, Florence
McCain, H. P., Major General
McCall, Henry
McCall, Samuel W.
McCarthy, H. H., MD
McColl, Henry
McCord, Clinton P., MD
McCormack, J. N., MD
McCready, Dean I. R.
McGregor, F. H., Major
McLaughlin, C. W.
McMahon, Anne
McVicar, Nelson
Meek, Charles S.
Meeker, Jacob E.
Meisenheimer, Adam
Mellon, John H.
Messmer, Sebastian Gebhard, Archbishop
Meyer, Edward J., MD
Meyers, Mary A.
Miles, George G.
Miller, E. C. L., MD
Miller, Frank W.
Miller, Harry East
Mills, W. F. R.
Miltenberger, G. K., Captain
Mink, Owen J., Lieutenant Commander
Minor, Nannie J.
Mintenberger, V. E., Major
Mitchell, O. W. H., MD
Mitchell, William A.
Mitchell, William C., MD
Moffett, W. A., Captain
Molloy, Hugh J.
Mooney, Frank T.
Moore, E. E.
Moore, John T.
Moran, P. T.
Morehouse, Frederic C.
Morgan, Herman G., MD
Morriss, Samuel B.
Morse, Fred F.
Motley, W. P., MD
Murkland, Arthur J., Mrs.
Murrell, Thomas W., MD
Mustard, H. S., MD
Myers, G. F., MD
Myron, Harry, MD

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