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Sadler, William S., MD
Sanders, Fielder
Sautter, Arthur, MD
Saylor, Flora
Schaffle, Karl, MD
Scheld, Karl A.
Schmoll, John
Schreiber, Cornell
Scott, E.W., MD
Sears, F. W., MD
Seely, A. C., MD
Seidel, Emil
Sellman, George, MD
Shafroth, John Franklin
Sharpley, William H., MD
Shelton, C. D., Lieutenant
Shields, Robert J.
Shiels, Albert J.
Shook, Tristram
Shutt, Cleveland H., MD
Simmons, J. W.
Simon, B. F., MD
Simpson, Charles E., MD
Singer, Hannah
Slaughter, W. H., MD
Sleeper, Albert E.
Slemons, Clyde C., MD
Smith, Alfred Emanuel
Smith, Charles E., Jr., MD
Smith, Edward Parsons
Smith, Ernest A.
Smith, Ernest N.
Smith, Frank Q.
Smith, George E., MD
Smith, George Weissinger
Smith, Kirby, MD
Smith, Sam
Smith, Thomas B.
Sommer, Ernst A., MD
South, John G., MD
Sparling, George H. T., MD
Spencer, George A.
Spencer, R. H., MD
Spitzer, A. L.
Spragle, L. D.
Sproul, William Cameron
Staniland, George S., MD
Stanley, Anna L.
Stanley, Augustus Owsley
Stanley, John J.
Starkloff, Max C., MD
Stauffer, Fred
Stephens, Albert Lee
Stephens, William D.
Stevens, Elizabeth
Steward, James, MD
Stewart, Ralph, MD
Stimpson, W. G.
Stivers, Orville J.
Stockton, Charles G., MD
Stokes, Anson Phelps
Stone, Walter R.
Stroback, Paul J.
Stuht, Albert E., MD
Sumner, Guilford, MD
Sundwell, John, MD
Suzzallo, Henry
Sweet, E. A., MD

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