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Caldwell Rifle Range
California Liberty Fair
Cambridge Hospital
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Camp A. A. Humphreys
Camp Abraham Eustis
Camp Beauregard
Camp Bowie
Camp Crane
Camp Custer
Camp Davis
Camp Devens
Camp Devon
Camp Dick
Camp Dix
Camp Dodge
Camp Fremont
Camp Funston
Camp Gordon
Camp Grant
Camp Greenleaf
Camp Howard
Camp Jackson
Camp Jesup
Camp Kearney
Camp Leach
Camp Lee
Camp Lewis
Camp McClellan
Camp Meade
Camp Meigs
Camp Mills
Camp Oglethorpe
Camp Pike
Camp Sheridan
Camp Sherman
Camp Stanley
Camp Travis
Camp Upton
Camp Wheeler
Camp Zachary Taylor
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Catholic Diocese
Central High School (Birmingham, Alabama)
Central High School (Buffalo, New York)
Charity Hospital
Charleston Museum
Charleston Naval Training Station
Charleston, South Carolina
Chelmsford Street Hospital
Chelsea Naval Hospital
Chesnut Hill Hospital
Chicago, Illinois
Child’s Hospital (Albany, New York)
Children's Hospital (Denver, Colorado)
Children's Hospital of Michigan
Children’s Hospital (Birmingham, Alabama)
Children’s Hospital (San Francisco, California)
Cincinnati Public Library
Cincinnati, Ohio
Citadel Military College
City Hospital (Buffalo, New York)
City Hospital (Cleveland, Ohio)
City Hospital (Dallas, Texas)
City Hospital (Fall River, Massachusetts)
City Hospital (Indianapolis, Indiana)
City Hospital (Louisville, Kentucky)
City Hospital (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
City Hospital (Nashville, Tennessee)
City Hospital (Newark, New Jersey)
City Hospital (Providence, Rhode Island)
City Hospital (Seattle, Washington)
City Hospital (St. Louis, Missouri)
City Hospital (St. Paul, Minnesota)
City Hospital (Syracuse, New York)
City Hospital (Worcester, Massachusetts)
City Infirmary (St. Louis, Missouri)
Civic Center (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Clark College
Clarke Hall (University of Washington)
Clemson College
Cleveland, Ohio
Cloister (Yale University)
College of Charleston
Colorado Agricultural College
Colorado College
Colorado State University
Colored Industrial High School
Columbus Barracks
Columbus Day Nursery
Columbus, Ohio
Concordia Club, The
Congregation Of The Mission Of St Vincent De Paul In Germantown
Congregational Hospital
Consumptives Hospital (Boston, Massachusetts)
Cook County Hospital
County Infirmary (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Creighton University
Crouse-Irving Hospital
Curtis School Relief Station

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