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Macalester College
MacInnes and Newton Homes
Manhattan Borough (New York City, New York)
March Field Aviation Camp
Mare Island Naval Station
Marine Hospital
Marine Hospital (Baltimore, Maryland)
Marine Hospital (St. Louis, Missouri)
Massachusetts General Hospital
Mather Field, Army Aviation Camp and School
McCook Field
Mechanic Arts High School
Memminger School
Memorial Hospital (Newark, New Jersey)
Memorial Hospital (Richmond, Virginia)
Memorial Hospital (Syracuse, New York)
Memorial Hospital (Worcester, Massachusetts)
Mercy Hospital (Baltimore, Maryland)
Mercy Hospital (Denver, Colorado)
Mercy Hospital (Des Moines, Iowa)
Mercy Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Merrill School (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Merritt Hospital
Methodist Hospital (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Metropole Hotel (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Miami Children’s Home (Toledo, Ohio)
Miami Valley Hospital
Miami Valley Hospital
Milwaukee Auditorium
Milwaukee Normal School
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Montgomery, Alabama
Mount Saint Mary College
Mount Sinai Hospital
Mount Washington Hotel Emergency Hospital
Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Mt. Sinai Hospital (Cleveland, Ohio)
Multnomah County (Oregon) Hospital
Municipal Auditorium Hospital (Oakland, California)
Municipal Hospital (Buffalo, New York)
Municipal Hospital (Rochester, New York)
Municipal Hospital (Toledo, Ohio)
Municipal Lodging House Hospital
Music Hall Emergency Military Hospital

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